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Fertility preservation at Shaare Zedek for a healthy future

06 August 2019

Australian born and trained Dr Jordana Hyman works as a senior consultant in IVF at Shaare Zedek Medical Centre Jerusalem.  Her work includes helping young women with cancer preserve their fertility and look forward to a healthy future.

Jordana says, “I am an Australian born and trained doctor, living in Jerusalem and working in Shaare Zedek Hospital.  I made aliyah with my husband and daughter after finishing university and internship.

“We settled in Jerusalem and I started residency in obstetrics and gynaecology in Shaare Zedek.

“I now work at Shaare Zedek as a senior consultant in IVF. This work involves a mix of procedures (egg collections and embryo transfers) clinics, treatment planning, and academic research.

“The IVF unit in Shaare Zedek is amazing, the staff are very dedicated and passionate about their work and it’s a great work environment.

 “One of my passions is working with oncology patients to provide fertility preservation treatment, which involves freezing eggs or embryos for future use before a woman or girl begins chemotherapy, which may render her infertile in the future.

“Shaare Zedek’s Oncology Department, especially young women with breast cancer, has rapidly expanded in recent times.    As a result, we have a lot more women being referred for fertility preservation.

“I was always interested in obstetrics and gynaecology, but the focus on IVF came later. About halfway through my residency I had a rotation in IVF and from very early on in the rotation I felt it clicked and I had “come home”. I am blessed to be a mother to my amazing children, and I think it motivates me to want to help every woman and couple struggling with challenges of fertility.

Sometimes, Jordana meets women who have babies after enduring chemotherapy.  When this happens, she says “It’s a really amazing experience to see the fruits of our work, especially after everything these women have been through. 

“It is very, very rewarding. I feel very blessed to have such meaningful and rewarding work and to be able to contribute to the future of our people.”