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Thinking FAST at Shaare Zedek

08 September 2017

This month marks the launch of the 22nd Shabbat Nachamu Appeal by the Australian Friends of Shaare Zedek Medical Centre, Jerusalem.

The appeal has become a much anticipated fixture in the Melbourne communal landscape with brightly coloured billboards installed around Caulfield, brochures distributed at local synagogues as well as other promotional activities.

The theme of this year’s campaign on Shabbat Nachamu is Shaare Zedek.  Think Fast.  Act Now.

Dr Allan Garfield, Chairman of the Australian Friends of Shaare Zedek notes that Thinking Fast is a recurring theme at Shaare Zedek.

The hospital is growing at an exponential rate and is rapidly adding specialist departments and services.  Over half a million patients were treated at Shaare Zedek last year.  With its central location, it is home to Jerusalem’s busiest emergency department and treats 80% of victims of terror in Jerusalem and surrounding areas.

There are more than 22,000 babies born each year at Shaare Zedek, which ranks as one of the busiest maternity hospitals in the world.

This year, we aim to highlight the crucial role that Shaare Zedek plays in daily life in Jerusalem, notes Dr Garfield.

Shaare Zedek has recently opened a state of the art Neurology Institute which provides cutting edge treatment to victims of stroke, brain and spinal tumours and injuries.  Our campaign includes an educational element this year, as we will be distributing magnets for the Australian community. The magnets highlight what to do if you think someone might be having a stroke.

Shaare Zedek’s neurologists advise to use the acronym of the word FAST:

F: Facial Drooping. Does their face look uneven?

A: Arms. Can they hold out both arms or does one look weaker?

S: Speech difficulties. Is their speech slurred?

T: Time. Call for emergency help immediately.

Shaare Zedek’s Stroke Diagnosis and Treatment Unit opened in March last year at the hospital and

has already treated over 1300 cases. Neurologists can now routinely perform brain catheterization

and neurosurgery as part of the newly opened Helmsley Neurological Centre. The Centre also treats

patients suffering from brain tumours spinal and brain injuries, and victims of stroke.


Funds donated by the Australian community will purchase much needed equipment for the hospital’

s Neurosurgery Institute.

This year, the AFSZ is asking you to please think Fast and donate generously to enable this

extraordinary institution to continue its crucial and lifesaving work.