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Living with Vitality, Passion and Purpose

21 February 2018

The choices you make in your daily life have a huge bearing on your quality of life, according to best selling health expert Dr Linda Friedland.

In fact, a 50 year old can have physical characteristics ranging from those of a 35 to 65 year old.

Dr Friedland gave a dynamic presentation at the home of Miriam and Dov Farkas at a recent event in support of the Australian Friends of Shaare Zedek.

Linda Friedland is an international health expert who is an authority on stress management and executive, corporate and women’s health issues.  She consults internationally to healthcare, biotech, corporate and financial institutions on medical and health content and lifestyle interventions.

Lifestyle factors play a major role in determining our health and quality of life, she noted.  There are 10 biomarkers of aging that can actually be reversed if we make healthy choices.

We can take real steps to improve our blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar control, body fat composition, strength, muscle capacity, bone density, metabolic rate, temperature regulation and aerobic capacity.

Dr Friedland acknowledged that the demands of modern life often mean that we feel depleted and stressed.  The Yiddishe Mama Factor is a double edged sword, she noted, as it often results in women neglecting their own physical and emotional needs.

Linda discussed modern breakthroughs in telomeres, epigenetics and neuroplasticity and their effect on how our health and wellbeing.

Meaningful relationships and having higher goals to which to aspire are a crucial aspect of a healthy life.

The most important human drive, said Linda, is the need for meaning and purpose.  Fulfilment of this drive has a measurable effect on our physical health.

Jewish literature is replete with references to taking care of both our physical and spiritual health, said Linda.  Both are crucial to our wellbeing and ability to live and express our potential.

Dr Allan Garfield, Chairman of the Australian Friends of Shaare Zedek thanked Dr Friedland.

Helen Brustman OAM presented certificates of appreciation to Dr Friedland and Dov Farkas.

Funds raised on the evening will support Shaare Zedek Medical Centre in Jerusalem to purchase vital equipment for its recently opened Neurological Institute.